Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Version 1.9 released

Version 1.9 has been uploaded to Android market containing these changes:

- scancode support: this helps finding storages in your cellar

- selecting images from external apps other as gallery (like ASTRA filemanager) fails
- copied storage has not current date
- currency in overview is always EUR
- default sort method is not selected in preferences

- setting for show icons/text+icons
- improved icons on tabwidget
- information about app (incl. email adress for support)
- cancel dialog is displayed when back was pressed on editing


Samstag, 3. September 2011

Version 1.8 released

Proudly announcing the new release 1.8 which contains these features, enhancements,
bugfixes and changes.

- feature: filtering via TabViews for vintage, category and other attributes
- feature: empty storages are separated from non-empty storages (via TabView)

- bugfix: display correct messages for empty cellar
- bugfix: sorting by name works again (accidently removed)

- enhancement: exporting is done in background (service)
- enhancement: standard menu icons are used (according to style guide)
- enhancement: attributes note, rating and region can be disabled for editing
in settings (feature request from user weinakademiker)

- changed: search is working now context sensitive
- changed: using default android theme (which means black blackground)