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Version 1.19 has been uploaded to Android market 1.19: Feature release "Peypin" - Features: view for overdue storages (look out for tab "Maximum age") history view - Bugfixes: no line breaks in field "note" available - Enhancements: use date format from system settings for displayment in detail view added descriptive hints in editor added button with link to homepage in about view - Changed: hide keyboard when editor is fired search is no longer context specific, all storages in all cellars are searched

No menu key on HTC devices

Some users are complaining that the Kellermeister app is not useable on HTC devices running ICS. I must admit that the app is still not supporting ICS as Google suggests. In the meantime HTC users can use the somewhat hidden feature of *holding and pressing* the app switch button to get the menu functions. [Edit] In the meantime this issue has been fixed and the UI provides a menu key as suggested by Material Design.