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BlackBerry - BB10

Good news for BlackBerry users: there are rumors that Kellermeister will join the BB10 program and therefore may be available at BlackBerry World. Until this will come true see some fotos here. Btw: this is only a test device (Dev Alpha B) which is solely used for development. And: no, I won't switch to BlackBerry as I can see it now ;)

Kellermeister auf Appsurfer verfügbar

Für diejenigen, die den Kellermeister testen wollen, weil sie vielleicht kein Android-Gerät ihr eigen nennen dürfen: die App ist auf Appserver verfügbar:

Bugfix for xlarge devices in 1.18 released

Due to a silly typo which wasn't detected when testing it was required to make a new release (sigh): 1.18.1: Maintenance release "D'aigue" - Features: none - Bugfixes: crash for xlarge devices when creating a new storage crash on invalid vintage number guessed from product description - Enhancements: none - Changed: none

Version 1.18 has been uploaded to Android market (happy new year 2013!)

Version 1.18 has been uploaded to Android market 1.18: Feature release "La Tour" - Features: lookup product using barcode (this currently uses Google Shopping API) - Bugfixes: wrong number in summary of bottle count (english version, thx Simon) price, volume and alcohol are not saved on new storage (thx Stefan, Gerson) default currency is not used when creating new storages (editing is ok) barcode scan is only functional when used from tabs "All" and "Empty" - Enhancements: add menu entries to detail view barcode is now editable via keyboard - Changed: default language is english (was german before)