Es werden Posts vom 2013 angezeigt.

Version 1.25.2 has been uploaded to Google Play

This release contains some small efforts to improve user's experience.  1.25.2: Maintenance release "Santa" - Features: none - Bugfixes: ANR when trying to share an exported cellar and no application is installed which can handle a ZIP archive varietals  are sometimes sorted in wrong order database not closed on cellar change - Enhancements: none - Changes: increased value for maximum count of bottles per storage from 200 to 100.000 (yes, we have power users :) Have fun!

Version 1.24 has been uploaded to Google Play

This release includes some nice features, e.g. the long missing swipe support for details views started from a list. Some users requested for improvements when withdrawing bottles and up-stocking wine. Ok, here you go: 1.24: Feature release "Gordes" - Features: added new tab "wine" (wine means: unique pairs of name and vintage) swipe support in the detail view added context menu for up-stocking a wine (convenience method for "copy storage") - Bugfixes: no entry in history when copying a storage - Enhancements: better support for lists of  varietals specify number of bottles when withdrawing added vintage and producer to history view more attributes configurable in list view (e.g. back label, price,  varietal ) - Changes: none Have fun!

Version 1.23 has been uploaded to Android market

These are the release notes for the yesterday released new version of the Kellermeister app. As you can see it is really a maintenance version only consisting of bugfixes. 1.23: Feature release "Beaumont" - Features: none - Bugfixes: fixed bug "Export is hanging" fixed bug "ZXing scanner not preferred to QR Droid" fixed bug "QR Droid not supported in edit activity" - Enhancements: none - Changes: none Have fun!

Version 1.22 has been uploaded to Android market

These are the release notes for the just released new version of the Kellermeister app: 1.22: Feature release "Vaugines" - Features: provide a comment when withdrawing a bottle added support for QR Droid scanner - Bugfixes: fixed bug "unbekannte Sortierung" fixed bug "wrong sorting for appellation" fixed bug "wrong error message"  - Enhancements: product lookup is cancelable now - Changes: sorting for favourites (descending now) Have fun!

Version 1.21 has been uploaded to Android market

After some month of silence I'm really pleased to release a new version of the Kellermeister app to Google's Playstore. Here are the release notes: 1.21: Feature release "Ansouis" - Features: added import of WinWein CSV files lookup wine information by phrase (see FAQ ) - Bugfixes:  fixed "on update" bug when creating table for currency  fixed "wrong positioning of storage" (thx Thorsten)  fixed "show invalid currency" in summary - Enhancements:  product search: switched Google Merchant to InvisibleHand API  show reminder when last bottle is withdrawn  added option to send support information (on user's demand) - Changed: default installation is now on internal memory again Have fun!

Version 1.20 has been uploaded to Android market

1.20: Feature release "Pertuis" - Features: new fields for Appellation, Sugar and Acidity  import "Wine Cellar" CSV format - Bugfixes: wrong UUID created when copying a storage (potential issue on importing into empty databases) cannot delete price or volume once I saved a valid value auto completion doesn't work for attribute "provider" - Enhancements: support for T9 in note field (thanks Gerhard) attributes varietal and note are now included in search - Changed: none

Bewertung auf

Die Bewertung ist vermutlich schon etwas älter, dafür ist sie recht wohlwollend: Update : die Rezension wurde aktualisiert mit dem Stand der Version 1.20, hier der Screenshot: Rezension auf vom 22.04.2013

Kellermeister available on BlackBerry's appworld

For all of you using the Z10: Kellermeister is now available on BlackBerry World: BlackBerry World - Kellermeister
Version 1.19 has been uploaded to Android market 1.19: Feature release "Peypin" - Features: view for overdue storages (look out for tab "Maximum age") history view - Bugfixes: no line breaks in field "note" available - Enhancements: use date format from system settings for displayment in detail view added descriptive hints in editor added button with link to homepage in about view - Changed: hide keyboard when editor is fired search is no longer context specific, all storages in all cellars are searched

No menu key on HTC devices

Some users are complaining that the Kellermeister app is not useable on HTC devices running ICS. I must admit that the app is still not supporting ICS as Google suggests. In the meantime HTC users can use the somewhat hidden feature of *holding and pressing* the app switch button to get the menu functions. [Edit] In the meantime this issue has been fixed and the UI provides a menu key as suggested by Material Design.

BlackBerry - BB10

Good news for BlackBerry users: there are rumors that Kellermeister will join the BB10 program and therefore may be available at BlackBerry World. Until this will come true see some fotos here. Btw: this is only a test device (Dev Alpha B) which is solely used for development. And: no, I won't switch to BlackBerry as I can see it now ;)

Kellermeister auf Appsurfer verfügbar

Für diejenigen, die den Kellermeister testen wollen, weil sie vielleicht kein Android-Gerät ihr eigen nennen dürfen: die App ist auf Appserver verfügbar:

Bugfix for xlarge devices in 1.18 released

Due to a silly typo which wasn't detected when testing it was required to make a new release (sigh): 1.18.1: Maintenance release "D'aigue" - Features: none - Bugfixes: crash for xlarge devices when creating a new storage crash on invalid vintage number guessed from product description - Enhancements: none - Changed: none

Version 1.18 has been uploaded to Android market (happy new year 2013!)

Version 1.18 has been uploaded to Android market 1.18: Feature release "La Tour" - Features: lookup product using barcode (this currently uses Google Shopping API) - Bugfixes: wrong number in summary of bottle count (english version, thx Simon) price, volume and alcohol are not saved on new storage (thx Stefan, Gerson) default currency is not used when creating new storages (editing is ok) barcode scan is only functional when used from tabs "All" and "Empty" - Enhancements: add menu entries to detail view barcode is now editable via keyboard - Changed: default language is english (was german before)