Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Version 1.17.2 "De la Brasque" released

Previous version contains a "feature" which was annoying to some users (Kellermeister registered for some file types it was not intended to use). So I changed this...

1.17.2: Maintenance release "De la Brasque"


  •         none


  •         comma is not accepted as field separator in CSV import
  •         kellermeister shows up on wrong file types (e.g. on *.xls)
  •         date formatting not correct in NZ (thanks Ian) 


  •         none


  •         none

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Version 1.17.1 "St.Martin" released

1.17.1: Maintenance release "St.Martin" is now available in Playstore. This release is really important for french users because of a silly typo in a resource file (and of course due to a missing test from my side).

Here is the content of release 1.17.1:

- features:
- bugfixes:
    - displaying detail view crashes app in french version if maximum age of wine reached
    - CSV import crashes in french version
    - wrong encoding of quote character in CSV export (serious bug for french users)
    - selecting images doesn't work in OS > 4.0.*
    - enhancement:
    - Workaround for android/vendor broken implementations of decimal point in number editors
- changes:
    - reduced target sdk from 10 to 8 to enable menus again

Have fun,