Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Version 1.17.2 "De la Brasque" released

Previous version contains a "feature" which was annoying to some users (Kellermeister registered for some file types it was not intended to use). So I changed this...

1.17.2: Maintenance release "De la Brasque"


  •         none


  •         comma is not accepted as field separator in CSV import
  •         kellermeister shows up on wrong file types (e.g. on *.xls)
  •         date formatting not correct in NZ (thanks Ian) 


  •         none


  •         none

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Version 1.17.1 "St.Martin" released

1.17.1: Maintenance release "St.Martin" is now available in Playstore. This release is really important for french users because of a silly typo in a resource file (and of course due to a missing test from my side).

Here is the content of release 1.17.1:

- features:
- bugfixes:
    - displaying detail view crashes app in french version if maximum age of wine reached
    - CSV import crashes in french version
    - wrong encoding of quote character in CSV export (serious bug for french users)
    - selecting images doesn't work in OS > 4.0.*
    - enhancement:
    - Workaround for android/vendor broken implementations of decimal point in number editors
- changes:
    - reduced target sdk from 10 to 8 to enable menus again

Have fun,

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Kellermeister listed on

Although the article's author is not very happy about the missing wine database which makes entering data into the app a bit uneasier as it might be I thought it would be nice to put the link to the article here:,

Montag, 3. September 2012

Version 1.16.2 "Cabrieres" released

Version 1.16.1 contained a severe bug for WXGA devices. So I fixed this one and made it available as 1.16.2 named "Cabrieres". Sorry for that...

  • none
  • crash when creating new storages (added missing spinner in xlarge layout for WXGA devices)
  • updated french wording (again: thx to Stephan)
  • set currency to system's default currency code (onetimes only when upgrading database)
  • added dialog before leaving new storage activity (thx Maik)  
  • value for vintage can be undefined now
  • none

Freitag, 31. August 2012

Version 1.16.1 "Sannes" released

Good news, version 1.16.1 (given the name Sannes which is the name of a small village in the south east of France) has been uploaded to Android market. As you can guess from the release number it is a maintenance release and doesn't contain killer features. And here are the release notes:

  • choose currency for storage (default: current locale's currency code) 
  • provide URL to online help for frequently asked questions (i.e. a link to pages in this blog)

  • preference for tab "Location" is not working (thx Robin)
  • barcode scanner doesn't work with Android 4.x
  • application hangs when scanning for new storage
  • "force close" when I want to use the classification by producer (french only)
  • sometimes crashes on start up
  • crash while doing ZIP export
  • favourite is not saved sometimes (thx Anja, Victor) 
  • sharing of archives (database exports) between extern apps is broken (e.g. import of archives from Dropbox doesn't work)
  • preference "External Storage" doesn't work anymore
  • application crashes (in rare cases) when creating new storage    

  • improved french i18n (thx to Stephan)

  • none

Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Version 1.16 is available (happy new year 2012)

Version 1.16 has been uploaded to Android market containing these changes:

favourites support
- added regions and locations to tab list (thx RolandChristoph)
- import of WinWein archives (*.wwi) and other CSV formats
- install location sdcard enabled

- changed volume format to display 0.375l correct (thx Angelo)
- preferences for tabs are wrong after initial installation
- sort order is wrong in some tabs
- vintage displayed although not specified
- CSV import doesn't handle quoted text fields correct
- image is lost after turning device (new/edit storage) 

- layouts enhanced for better support of larger screens
- display varietals in storage list and in overview
- pie chart info: added percent value

- tag "rack" has been replaced by "location" in XML-export format (though: "rack" will be supported until at least next two releases)