Where is my empty storage gone?

In the moment the last bottle of a non-empty storage is removed the storage's state changes to empty. Therefore the storage now moves to the list of empty storages. To see the list of empty storages simply select the tab "Empty" which is the rightmost one. If you cannot see it because your display is too tall just drag the tabs to the left to see the remaining tabs. In case you cannot see the "Empty" tab you might have selected the preference "Don't show empty storages".


  1. Hi, firstly thanks for this great app. Regarding EMPTY I don't think this is the right approach to handle empty bottles. Imagine you want to see all wines from specific region you ever had -> so having some bottles in Empty tabs means you are NOT able to do this simply choosing tab "Region" because all empty are inside one tab "Empty". Is there some way you can include empty back to total list? I see from comments on google play I'm not the only one who will welcome this change :) There's already a count of bottles available in storage, so no need to have bottles to move to Empty database and have them missing in tab filters...

  2. The handling of empty bottles is a feature which has been requested by users (ok, I belong to this part of users) but I agree on the request to have an option to select empty and non-empty storages for statistical purposes. On the other side I disagree on having the count of bottles as the only chance to find out if the storage I'm looking at is an empty (which means not existing) one.

    I will investigate how much time it would need to provide a configurable option to switch between these two approaches.

  3. @Jürgen, thank you for that great App!!

    I miss that option, too. Especially, when I scan a bottle of wine via Barcode I want to know if I ever had that bottle in my storage (and how I liked it).

    Is there already an estimation on what you will do about it?

    1. @Otto: Next version (1.20) will find empty bottles when scanning a bottle's barcode. This behaviour was indeed intended so I take this as a bugfix.


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