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Version 1.16 is available (happy new year 2012)

Version 1.16 has been uploaded to  Android market  containing these changes: Features: -  favourites  support - added regions and locations to tab list ( thx   Roland ,  Christoph ) - import of WinWein archives (*. wwi ) and other CSV formats - install location  sdcard  enabled B ugfixes :  - changed volume format to display 0.375l correct ( thx   Angelo ) - preferences for tabs are wrong after initial installation - sort order is wrong in some tabs - vintage displayed although not specified - CSV import doesn't handle quoted text fields correct - image is lost after turning device (new/edit storage)  Enhancements: - layouts enhanced for better support of larger screens - display  varietals  in storage list and in overview - pie chart info: added percent value Changes: - tag "rack" has been replaced by "location" in XML-export format (though: "rack" will be supported until at least next two releases)