Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Version 1.22 has been uploaded to Android market

These are the release notes for the just released new version of the Kellermeister app:

1.22: Feature release "Vaugines"

- Features:
  • provide a comment when withdrawing a bottle
  • added support for QR Droid scanner

- Bugfixes:
  • fixed bug "unbekannte Sortierung"
  • fixed bug "wrong sorting for appellation"
  • fixed bug "wrong error message" 

- Enhancements:
  • product lookup is cancelable now

- Changes:
  • sorting for favourites (descending now)

Have fun!

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Version 1.21 has been uploaded to Android market

After some month of silence I'm really pleased to release a new version of the Kellermeister app to Google's Playstore. Here are the release notes:

1.21: Feature release "Ansouis"

- Features:
  • added import of WinWein CSV files
  • lookup wine information by phrase (see FAQ)

- Bugfixes:
  •  fixed "on update" bug when creating table for currency
  •  fixed "wrong positioning of storage" (thx Thorsten)
  •  fixed "show invalid currency" in summary

- Enhancements:
  •  product search: switched Google Merchant to InvisibleHand API
  •  show reminder when last bottle is withdrawn
  •  added option to send support information (on user's demand)

- Changed:
  • default installation is now on internal memory again

Have fun!