Version 1.17.1 "St.Martin" released

1.17.1: Maintenance release "St.Martin" is now available in Playstore. This release is really important for french users because of a silly typo in a resource file (and of course due to a missing test from my side).

Here is the content of release 1.17.1:

- features:
- bugfixes:
    - displaying detail view crashes app in french version if maximum age of wine reached
    - CSV import crashes in french version
    - wrong encoding of quote character in CSV export (serious bug for french users)
    - selecting images doesn't work in OS > 4.0.*
    - enhancement:
    - Workaround for android/vendor broken implementations of decimal point in number editors
- changes:
    - reduced target sdk from 10 to 8 to enable menus again

Have fun,


  1. Hi Jürgen,
    till this update i doesnt have acces to my data anymore, i can see my whole bottles, but when il want to see one references, the application crash...
    please help me, so many time spending to create my cave, and unsuable today
    thanx for your answer.


  2. Hi Stefane,
    did you try release 1.17.1? This one was posted just 5min ago... no matter, I'll fix the problem, indeed I think release 1.17.1 should fix the crash which occured due to a typo in a ressource file (french only).

  3. hi Jurgen,
    no sorry, i've got the 1.17, i've just understand that you release a 1.17.1, but doesn't see it on the play store yet.
    i'll wait till the update is available, and i'll confirm you that everything is in order with the 1.17.1 .
    for my data securtiy, how can i save my data, try to make an export, where is this saved ?
    thanx in advance

  4. Assuming that you made an export before you updated to the new version the export file(s) can be found at /mnt/sdcard/kellemeister. Here you can find the files you exported, these files won't be deleted no matter if you deinstall the application or not.


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