Version 1.24 has been uploaded to Google Play

This release includes some nice features, e.g. the long missing swipe support for details views started from a list. Some users requested for improvements when withdrawing bottles and up-stocking wine.

Ok, here you go:

1.24: Feature release "Gordes"

- Features:
  • added new tab "wine" (wine means: unique pairs of name and vintage)
  • swipe support in the detail view
  • added context menu for up-stocking a wine (convenience method for "copy storage")

- Bugfixes:
  • no entry in history when copying a storage
- Enhancements:
  • better support for lists of varietals
  • specify number of bottles when withdrawing
  • added vintage and producer to history view
  • more attributes configurable in list view (e.g. back label, price, varietal)

- Changes:
  • none

Have fun!


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