Maintenance release 20.05

Alles neu macht der Mai... 

... sorry, I didn't found an english translation for this one. The new release contains some bugfixes where one of them took the lion share (not-authorized when synchronizing). Hopefully this issue is eventually fixed. 

Having said that, I'll be continuing to work on the feature "co-working in your wine cellar". 

20.05: Maintenance release "Sylvia"

- feature:
  • none
- bugfix:
  • error "not-authorized" shows when synchronizing
  • after CSV import labels are no longer visible (kudos to Falko)
  • price is rendered wrong for currency XOF (kudos to Klaas)
  • cannot attach image to storage from download folder (in rare cases)
  • wrong default for menu settings (synchronization)
- changed:
  • change cellar when switching Google user
  • sorting by rating now shows top ratings first (kudos to Lori)

Have fun end enjoy!


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