Looking up wine information

[Update] Since September 2018 this feature is no longer available since Google decided to sunset the service which was used to implement this.

Starting with version 1.21 a new feature was introduced: lookup of wine information by a search phrase. It could also be seen as an enhancement since it was possible to lookup wine information using a barcode or a manually entered EAN/GTIN/UPC code.

Here are the steps to lookup product information:

- create a new storage
- enter search phrase into field "Name"
- start lookup by pressing button "Lookup product"

Example: looking up wine information for Barbaresco

Step 1: create new storage and enter search phrase into field "Name". Here it is Barbaresco.

Step 2: Wait for lookup of information. Note: currently this dialog is not cancelable. Depending on the available network bandwidth and the response time of the service behind it will need some time. So please take some time.

Step 3: Now you can inspire the result list. Select the entry which seems to be the best match. Finally check and complete the data in the dialog.

Step 4: you are done, that's all. Don't forget to save your data now :)

For existing storages you can use the product lookup too. But be aware that it will not override existing data in the edit dialog.


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